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Learn more about PECO's expanded payment options and financial assistance programs to help qualified residential customers who are facing challenges managing their energy bill. For help with small business payments, call 1‑800‑494‑4000. PECO is committed to helping you through these difficult times.

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Our Best Energy-Saving Offers Are Back

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Hotels spend more than $2,000 per guest room each year on energy. We’re helping to change that.

Hoteliers in our region are finding ways to cut that figure through energy-saving PECO solutions. Our financial incentives for upgrades to lighting, heating and cooling, kitchen equipment and more can help you reduce electricity use while enhancing the atmosphere for all who walk through your doors. Maximizing energy efficiency helps hospitality building owners and managers:

  • Lower day-to-day operational costs
  • Improve ambiance with updated lighting and HVAC equipment
  • Increase comfort for guests and staff
  • Leave a smaller carbon footprint and demonstrate environmental responsibility

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How can we help you start saving?

As stewards of the college’s resources, we need to use them effectively and efficiently. Taking advantage of PECO’s instant lighting discounts is one way to do that. 

–Bill Anderko, Jr.
Assistant Director of Facilities for Planning, Project Management and Utilities
Haverford College

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