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Our Best Energy-Saving Offers Are Back

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Local governments are finding ways to manage operating costs by reducing their energy use with help from PECO.

Our energy efficiency solutions and financial incentives for upgrades help towns, boroughs, cities and counties take greater control of energy-related costs, conserving taxpayer dollars and improving the economic strength and resilience of communities. Evaluating and addressing the energy efficiency opportunities in your own public buildings can help you:

  • Limit wasteful overhead spending
  • Create a more comfortable environment for employees and visitors
  • Improve building and neighborhood safety (with lighting upgrades)
  • Demonstrate environmental responsibility
  • Potentially qualify for better municipal bond ratings and financing

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Put your municipality on the path to lower energy costs. PECO can help.

Your journey to increased energy efficiency starts here. As you progress through these three tiers, you’ll discover more ways to achieve significant energy savings, limit wasteful overhead spending and create a more comfortable and productive environment for your employees and your community.



Even basic energy efficiency projects can make a big difference. To get you started on your journey, PECO provides a complimentary energy report, so you’ll know how to maximize savings. Plus, you can choose from our latest financial incentives and instant lighting discounts for:

Install LEDs anywhere people gather, including workspaces, conference rooms, lobby areas and auditoriums
Improve visibility and safety outside by installing LEDs in parking garages, streetlights and traffic signals and at parks and athletic fields
Optimize the schedules for lighting and temperature controls according to occupancy in your buildings

Typically, lighting comprises 30% of a building’s electric bill,1 and installing LEDs can save up to 90% of that total.2 An administrative building that spends $30,000 on energy can save $8,100 annually—enough to buy more than 25 new laptops.3



Give your energy efficiency efforts a boost and build on the progress you made as a Savings Starter. Take advantage of instant lighting discounts and financial incentives from PECO to make upgrades like these:

Manage fluctuations in energy demand by using VSDs on HVAC air handlers and pumps to maintain comfortable heating and cooling levels
VSDs adjust blower airflow and pump speeds to meet demand, saving energy and helping prevent mechanical breakdowns
Ensure efficient operation of cafeterias by installing ENERGY STAR® certified freezers, fryers, refrigerators, holding cabinets and ovens, and by adding VSDs to kitchen exhaust fans
Save even more on lighting costs by installing sensors that dim your LEDs when no one is around

By improving the energy efficiency of the motors at your wastewater treatment plants, you could save as much as $20,000 per year.4 Over a period of 10 years, these savings could cover about 50% of the cost of an area borough’s sewer renovation project.5



Couple the energy efficiency improvements you made as a Savings Leader with our best financial incentives to maximize your savings and demonstrate your municipality’s fiscal responsibility. Consider these possibilities:

Work with specialists and employees to create an SEM and retrocommissioning plan to identify custom efficiency solutions, like VSDs for swimming pools, to reduce energy use and lay a foundation for long-term savings
Reduce costs, extend equipment life and create safer more comfortable environments with air- or water-cooled air conditioners, chillers, energy management systems, economizer controllers and demand control ventilation

Installing VSDs at a public pool can reduce operating costs by $7,000 per season.6 Over a period of five years, that could cover 23% of a local township’s affordable housing budget.7

How can we help your municipality get started?

The incentives were almost like a nice big tip on top of everything, and the application was simple to fill out. Working with PECO, we had to do very little to get those savings. 

–Craig Totaro
Lansdowne Borough Manager

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