Business Energy Assessments

Discover energy-saving improvements throughout your facility. Then turn them into business wins.

Discover energy-saving improvements throughout your facility. Then turn them into business wins.

PECO Business Energy Assessments

PECO offers complimentary energy assessments to help you transform those opportunities into increased productivity and profitability.

Get professional guidance to identify the biggest energy-saving opportunities for your business.

The right fit for your needs.

Your energy efficiency goals and operating needs are unique. Different assessment tiers allow you to choose the level of input and report detail that’s most helpful to you.

  • Tier 1 - Energy Scorecard*

    Through an analysis of your monthly existing utility data, a snapshot of your facility’s energy use and recommended improvements is generated. This Energy Scorecard allows you to tackle some straightforward energy saving projects almost immediately.

  • Tier 2 - Energy Profile

    By completing a customer survey on our digital portal, an energy profile report is generated. This energy profile report provides specific recommendations based on your facility’s equipment and energy use with ways to save while either maintaining or increasing productivity.

  • Tier 3 - On-Site Assessment

    For the most comprehensive and specific analysis, schedule an on-site assessment with a PECO energy expert. Select customers will be eligible.

Everything you need to optimize your energy efficiency

Whatever assessment tier you choose, you’ll receive a customized report featuring targeted and actionable recommendations for energy efficiency improvements.

To help you turn your assessment into energy and operating savings, PECO offers instant product discounts and financial incentives on a variety of energy efficient equipment and projects. PECO offers instant product discounts

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