Technology Profiles

Advanced Lighting

Read more on the benefits of upgrading to LEDS and advanced lighting controls.

Combined Heat & Power (CHP)

Discover a highly efficient solution for improving operations in energy-intensive facilities requiring electricity and heat energy.

Compressed Air

Learn more about reducing operating costs by minimizing air leaks that contribute to energy waste.

Energy Management Systems

Read more on the benefits of energy management systems for K-12 schools, colleges, and universities.

Food Service Equipment

Read more on the benefits of upgrading to ENERGY STAR® certified food service equipment.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Equipment

Explore ways to upgrade HVAC systems to improve a building’s energy performance and efficiency and reduce costs.

New Construction Customer

Learn more about typical energy efficiency opportunities in new construction projects.

New Construction Property Developer

Discover how including high-efficiency building upgrades to new construction designs can increase property value, improve occupant retention, and lower maintenance costs.


Read more on the benefits of upgrading to high-efficiency refrigeration equipment.

Retrocommissioning (RCx)

Learn about the RCx process for optimizing a building's equipment and systems to perform as designed, operate efficiently, and meet the building occupant's operating needs.

Variable-Frequency Drives

Read more on the benefits of installing variable-frequency drives on fans and pumps.

Fact Sheet


Learn more about energy efficiency opportunities for K-12 schools.

Higher Education

Learn more about energy efficiency opportunities for colleges and universities.

Grocery Store and Supermarkets

Learn more about energy efficiency opportunities for grocery stores and supermarkets.


Learn more about energy efficiency opportunities for Hospitals.


Learn more about energy efficiency opportunities for Healthcare Facilities.


Learn more about energy efficiency opportunities for Manufacturers.

Property Management

Learn more about energy efficiency opportunities for property management.

Financial Resources

Learn more about financial incentives available for energy-saving upgrades for your business.

Building Energy Performance Policy (BEPP)

Discover the operational and maintenance upgrades to improve performance in non-residential buildings with indoor floor space of at least 50,000 square feet.

Small and Medium Office Buildings

Discover how to invest in cost-effective energy efficiency upgrades that reduce utility costs, improve net operating incomes, and enhance occupant comfort, productivity, and safety.


Find out how improving energy efficiency is a practical way to lower costs while enhancing guest comfort and a hotel’s corporate image.


Find out how improving energy efficiency helps restaurants reduce costs and enhance patron comfort and experience while offing a competitive advantage.

Retail Businesses

Discover how PECO can help retail businesses reduce energy costs, save money, and boost sales and profits.


Learn how to reduce energy use in publicly owned buildings to save taxpayer dollars, improve comfort, and demonstrate environmental responsibility.


Find out how auto dealers and repair shops can boost profits by lowering energy costs.



University of Pennsylvania

See how PECO worked with the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania to increase energy efficiency.


PECO Small Business Solutions with the African American Chamber of Commerce

Take it from Regina A. Hairston, CEO of the African American Chamber of Commerce of PA, NJ and DE. Through our Small Business Solutions, we are committed to helping black-owned businesses throughout Philadelphia thrive, saving them energy, money and time to focus on what really matters: helping their business - and their dreams - succeed now and in the future.


PECO Can Help Your Small Business Save Money and Energy

We know that small businesses are the driving force behind creating change in our local communities. They empower residents from all walks of life and propel neighborhoods forward toward an equitable reality, one in which opportunities are both attainable and limitless.

PECO is committed to saving small business owners energy and money, so that they can focus on continuing to make dreams come true.


PECO Small Business Solutions for Chinatown

Small businesses in Chinatown can save energy and money with PECO. We commit to serving our communities by offering energy-saving solutions to all eligible small businesses. With PECO Small Business Solutions, you can not only save energy but also improve your bottom line, allowing you to focus on the success of your business.


PECO Helps Small Businesses in Chinatown Save Money & Energy

PECO proudly supports all of its surrounding communities, including historic Chinatown. We recognize that small businesses are key components of a vibrant economy and we are excited to help businesses save money and energy through Small Business Solutions.