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Our Best Energy-Saving Offers Are Back

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Grocery stores and supermarkets of all sizes are saving money by improving their energy efficiency with PECO.

Our energy-saving solutions and financial incentives for upgrades make it easy and more affordable to achieve benefits that can include:

  • Controlling costs and growing the bottom line
  • Increasing comfort for employees and customers
  • Enhancing product display through improved lighting
  • Keeping products fresher longer with improved refrigeration
  • Boosting the durability and reliability of equipment

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Put your grocery store on the path to lower energy costs. PECO can help.

Your journey to increased energy efficiency starts here. As you progress through these three tiers, you’ll discover even more ways to build a healthier bottom line while streamlining your operations.



Basic energy efficiency projects can make a big difference for grocery stores. PECO can provide a complimentary energy report to show you how to upgrade your equipment and build a healthier bottom line. Then, choose from instant lighting discounts and financial incentives for:

Create a comfortable shopping experience and display products in appealing ways by installing LEDs in linear fixtures, refrigeration cases and exit signage
Attract customers, lower costs and keep your property safe with LEDs in flood lights, wallpack lights, parking lot lights, canopy lights and downlights
Use occupancy sensors, dimmers, photosensors and programmable thermostats to adjust lighting and temperatures automatically in every aisle

A 40,000-square-foot grocery can spend roughly $4,600 per month on lighting.1 With LEDs, store owners can save up to 75% of that cost. That’s equivalent to the profit margin from selling 1,000 loaves of bread.



Stock up on more advanced energy efficiency upgrades and build on the progress you made as a Savings Starter. Financial incentives from PECO can help you make improvements like these:

Add VSDs to motors for pumps, fans and refrigerator compressors to manage demand and maintain heating, cooling and air pressure levels
Upgrade shaded-pole fan motors to ECMs on freezers and cooler evaporators
Install floating-head pressure controls and evaporator coil defrosters to optimize temperatures and air pressure in refrigerated cases and respond to seasonal changes in load
Keep perishables fresh and minimize energy loss with anti-sweat heater controls, gaskets, strip curtains and automatic door closers on freezers and refrigerators

Refrigerator doors with heater controls generate about 1,300 kWh in energy savings2—almost the same as the profit margin from selling 750 cartons of ice cream.



Check out energy efficiency solutions built just for your business. Couple the improvements you made as a Savings Leader with the best financial incentives from PECO, and consider these possibilities:

Work with specialists and employees to create an SEM and retrocommissioning plan to identify custom energy efficiency solutions for your store
Increase refrigeration system capacity while reducing peak demand on compressors
Replace older units with variable-speed, economizer-enabled high-efficiency units to improve indoor air quality, control temperatures and humidity, minimize noise, save space and simplify HVAC repairs
Implement energy-saving solutions including customized walk-in coolers/freezers, reach-in refrigerated cases and on-demand sealing technology

Electronically commutated motors in evaporator fans can generate annual savings of about $104 per fan3—the profit margin from selling more than 2,000 gallons of milk.

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