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Our Best Energy-Saving Offers Are Back

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Hospitals and other healthcare facilities are saving money by improving their energy efficiency with PECO.

Our energy-saving solutions and financial incentives for upgrades make it easy and more affordable to achieve benefits that can include:

  • Controlling energy and operating costs
  • Reinvesting savings in improving patient care
  • Enhancing comfort for staff, patients and visitors
  • Improving indoor air quality
  • Demonstrating your commitment to environmental sustainability

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Put your hospital on the path to lower energy costs. PECO can help.

Your journey to increased energy efficiency starts here. As you progress through these three tiers, you’ll discover even more ways to build a healthier bottom line while streamlining your operations.



Basic energy efficiency projects can make a big difference for hospitals. PECO can provide a complimentary energy report to show you how to upgrade your equipment and build a healthier bottom line. Then, choose from financial incentives and instant lighting discounts for:

Improve patient well-being and staff performance by installing LED bulbs in high-bay and low-bay fixtures, troffers, track lighting, tube lamps, wall-mount fixtures and exit signage
Illuminate spaces such as entryways, parking garages and walkways with LEDs in pole/arm-mounted lights, canopy fixtures, floodlights, wallpacks, landscape fixtures and more
Adjust lighting and temperatures automatically in hospital wings, corridors and operating rooms using occupancy sensors, dimmers, photosensors and programmable thermostats

A hospital that cuts annual energy costs by $350,000 by installing LED lighting1 can recoup the cost of a new MRI machine2 in under three years.



Boost your energy efficiency efforts and build on the progress you made as a Savings Starter. Take advantage of financial incentives from PECO to make improvements like these:

Maintain precise temperatures and optimize air exchange rates with VSDs that manage demand fluctuations, minimize costs and reduce stress on critical HVAC equipment, vacuum pumps and large fans
Make cafeteria operations more efficient by installing ENERGY STAR® freezers, refrigerators, fryers, holding cabinets and ovens, and by adding VSDs to kitchen exhaust fans
Ensure that -80°C freezers for sample or vaccine storage meet or exceed ENERGY STAR efficiency requirements (rated as consuming less than 0.55 kWh/day/cubic foot)

Installing a VSD on a 75-kW motor in continuous duty can save nearly $20,000 per year on one application.3 That’s enough to buy up to three high-resolution EKG machines.4



Custom solutions that prioritize patient health are the prescription for maximum energy efficiency. Couple the improvements you made as a Savings Leader with the best financial incentives from PECO, and consider these possibilities:

Create an SEM and retrocommissioning plan to deliver long-term energy savings by fine-tuning your hospital’s HVAC, automation, water systems and standby power
Improve air quality, control temperatures and humidity, minimize noise, save space and make repairs easier
Conduct gas and fluid leak detection and power ventilators, incubators, anesthesia equipment and surgical tools with medical-grade air
Harness byproduct heat from electric generation for use as an energy source

A medical facility generating onsite power with a 2 MW gas turbine cogeneration system can average over $400,000 in annual savings.5 That amount could fund the purchase of up to 16 hospital-grade ventilators.6

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