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At PECO, safety is our top priority. As part of our commitment to safety, we’re continuing to monitor developments related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and taking appropriate precautions to protect the health and safety of our employees, contractors and customers. During pre- or post-inspections, our engineers will maintain social distancing protocols, reduce surface contact by requesting all doors be opened prior to the visit and ensure that both the engineer and any other occupants wear proper PPE. Find the latest updates on PECO's social distancing practices.

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Financial incentives for your business!

Commercial and industrial customers can save even more on projects to improve energy efficiency.

Whether your facility is beginning a new project or completed one in the last 180 days, you’re eligible to apply for PECO financial incentives. Take advantage of this opportunity to offset the cost of your qualifying equipment upgrades and start saving money today!

To learn more, call 1‑844‑4BIZ‑SAVE (1‑844‑424‑9728), or submit the form on this page.

Download our full list of financial incentives.

As of August 1, 2020

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See all our financial incentives below.

Interior Lighting Incentive Unit
DLC 2' TLED Tubes $1 Lamp
DLC 3' TLED Tubes $2 Lamp
DLC 4' TLED Tubes $2.50 Lamp
DLC 8' TLED Tubes $4 Lamp
DLC Pin-Based LED Lamp $0.50–$1.00 Lamp
ENERGY STAR® Integral LED Fixture or Retrofit Kit $1.50 Fixture
ENERGY STAR Pin-Based LED Lamp $0.50 Lamp
ENERGY STAR Screw-In Decorative Globe, Decorative Globe or Reflector Lamp $1 Lamp
HPT8 and T5 Fixtures $1 Fixture
HPT8 High-Bay Fixture $2.50 Fixture
Interior Ceramic HID Lamp $5 Lamp
Interior Pulse Start HID $10 Lamp
LED Accent/Track Lighting Fixture $1 Head
LED Channel Signage $1 Letter
LED Exit Sign $5 Sign
LED High-Bay Fixtures and/or Retrofit Kits $12–$25 Fixture
LED Low-Bay Fixtures and/or Retrofit Kits $12 Fixture
LED Refrigerated Vertical Door (Case and Freezer) $1 Door
LED Refrigeration Case Lighting (Open Case) $0.025 kWh Saved
LED Troffer/Surface and Suspended Linear Fixtures 2'–4' $1 Fixture
Reduced Wattage T8 Lamp $1 Lamp
T5 HO High-Bay Fixture $5 Fixture
Unitary Sensor Controls $5 Sensor
Controls Combination — Daylighting and Occupancy, Fixture Mounted $5 Sensor
Interior Central Lighting Controls $0.01 Sq. Ft.
Permanent Fixture Removal $0.10 Watt Reduced
Exterior Fixtures Incentive Unit
LED Parking Garage and Canopy Fixtures and Retrofit Kits $3 Fixture
ENERGY STAR Integral LED Fixture: Outdoor Recessed Downlight and Retrofit Module $1.50 Fixture
LED Outdoor Flood Light Fixtures $25 Fixture
LED Pole/Arm Mounted Parking and Roadway Fixtures and Retrofit Kits $25 Fixture
LED Wall Mount Fixtures and Retrofit Kits $20 Fixture
Plug Load Control Incentive Unit
Tier 2 Advanced Power Strip $1 Unit
HVAC Incentive Unit
Air-Cooled or Water-Cooled Air Conditioner $1 Ton
Air-Cooled or Water-Cooled Heat Pump $1 Ton
Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner (PTAC) $1 Ton
ENERGY STAR Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump $10 Ton
Ground Source, Water Source and Groundwater Source Heat Pump $15 Ton
Unitary HVAC Chillers Incentive Unit
Air-Cooled Chiller $5 Ton
Water-Cooled Chiller $2.50 Ton
Other HVAC Measures Incentive Unit
Hotel Guest Room Occupancy Sensors (Electric Resistance Heat and Air Conditioning) $10 Room
Integrated Dual Enthalpy Economizer Controls $5 Ton
Circulation Fan: High-Volume, Low-Speed $15 Unit
Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM) Circulation Fan $1 Fan
ECM Circulation Pump $1 Pump
Retrocommissioning, Cooling Systems** $0.75 Ton
Retrocommissioning, Whole Building** $0.05 Sq. Ft.
Energy Management System** $1 Ton
Demand Controlled Ventilation** $25 Ton
Refrigeration Incentive Unit
Anti-Sweat Heater Controls $1 Door
Evaporator Coil Defrost Controls $52 Controller
Evaporator Fan Controls $7 Controller
Floating-Head Pressure Controls $7 HP
Automatic Door Closers $20 Door
Evaporator Fan ECM for Refrigerated Cases $7.50 Motor
ENERGY STAR Commercial Freezer $10 Unit
ENERGY STAR Commercial Refrigerator $10 Unit
Suction Pipe Insulation $0.20 Linear Foot
Night Cover $2.50 Night Cover
Strip Curtains $1 Linear Foot
Variable-Speed Refrigeration Compressor $10 Compressor
Doors Added to Open Refrigerated Cases $15 Door
Door Gaskets $1 Door
Zero Energy Doors $17.50 Door
Air-Cooled Refrigeration Condenser $10 Ton
Oversized Condenser With Variable-Frequency Drive $5 HP
Case Light Occupancy Controls $3.50 Door
Food Service Incentive Unit
Beverage Machine Controls $12.50 Unit
Snack Machine Controls $10 Unit
ENERGY STAR Refrigerated Beverage Vending Machines $62.50 Unit
ENERGY STAR Electric Steam Cooker $75 Unit
ENERGY STAR Combination Oven $20 Unit
ENERGY STAR Commercial Convection Oven $75 Unit
ENERGY STAR Commercial Fryers $30 Unit
ENERGY STAR Commercial Hot Holding Cabinet $100 Cabinet
Motors and Drives Incentive Unit
Variable-Frequency Drive on HVAC Fan, Chilled Water or Heating Hot Water Pump $8.75 HP
Variable-Speed Drive on Kitchen Exhaust Fan $250 HP
Variable-Speed Drive on Process Motor < 50 HP $15 HP
Early Replacement Motors With Premium Efficiency Motors $20 Motor
Variable-Speed Drive on Dust Collection System Motor $10 HP
Domestic Hot Water Incentive Unit
Fuel Switch: Electric Water Heater to ENERGY STAR Commercial Gas Water Heater $50 Unit
Heat Pump Water Heater From Electric Coil Water Heater $1 Water Heater
Low-Flow, Pre-Rinse Spray Valve $2 Valve
LED Traffic Signals Incentive Unit
Round Signals, 8" and 12" $5 Sign
Turn Signals, 8" and 12" $5 Sign
Pedestrian Signals, 9", 12" and 16" $5 Sign
Custom Measures Incentive Unit
All Retrofit Custom Measures $0.035 kWh Saved
Compressed Air Incentive Unit
No-Loss Condensate Drains $10 Drain
Air-Entraining Air Nozzle $2.50 Nozzle
Storage Tanks for Load/No Load Screw Compressors $5 Compressor HP
Cycling Refrigerated Thermal Mass Dryer $5 Compressor HP
Variable-Speed Air Compressor $10 Compressor HP
Compressed Air System Optimization $10 Compressor HP
New Construction — Interior Lighting Incentive Unit
≥ 10% of Code $0.05 Sq. Ft.
New Construction — Whole Building Systems Incentive Unit
≥ 10% of Code $0.10 Sq. Ft.
Data Centers Incentive Unit
Air-Cooled Chiller $5 Ton
Air-Cooled Chiller Without Condenser $5 Ton
Computer Room Air Conditioner $1 Ton
Efficient Fans for CRAH or CRAC Units $5 Ton
Water-Cooled Centrifugal Chiller $5 Ton
Water-Cooled Positive Displacement or Reciprocating Chiller $5 Ton
Uninterruptible Power Supply, 20–100 kVA $0.50 kVA
Mainframe Refresh $2.50 kW Installed
Server Refresh $2.50 kW Installed
PC Power Management System $1 PC Controlled
HVAC System Optimization $0.02 kWh Saved
Hot/Cold Aisle Containment $0.02 kWh Saved
Server Virtualization $200 kW Reduction
Thin Clients $2.50 Thin Client

To discuss a project, call us at 1-844-4BIZ-SAVE (1-844-424-9728).

*Must meet minimum SEER requirements.

**Subject to actual kWh savings achieved.

New construction interior lighting controls and exterior lighting power efficiencies that exceed code will be incentivized as custom measures using $0.035/kWh rate.

Note: Specific equipment will determine the exact incentive level when an incentive range is provided. All lighting products must be DLC or ENERGY STAR certified.

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