Offices of all types are saving money by improving their energy efficiency with PECO.

Offices of all types are saving money by improving their energy efficiency with PECO.

Almost 94% of U.S. commercial buildings are properties and offices under 50,000 square feet. The average office of this size wastes 30% of the energy it consumes. Our energy saving solutions and financial incentives for upgrades make it easy and more affordable to achieve benefits that can include:

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    Reduce energy costs, freeing up capital for investments important to your business.

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    Energy efficiency upgrades can increase the comfort and productivity of your employees.

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    Efficient upgrades, like lighting, can drive safety and security inside and outside your office building.

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    Improve the reliability, resiliency and uptime of your systems and equipment.

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    Attract and recruit employees seeking a career with a sustainability-minded company.

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    Enhance your corporate image as a committed environmental and sustainability leader.

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PECO's Energy Saving Process

Your journey to increased energy efficiency starts here. As you progress through these tiers, you’ll discover even more ways to build a healthy bottom line while streamlining your operations.

Basic energy efficiency projects can make a big difference for office buildings. PECO can provide a complimentary energy repor t to show you how to upgrade your equipment and build a healthier bottom line. Then, choose from instant lighting discounts and financial incentives for:

Interior Lighting

Install LEDs anywhere your employees gather, including workspaces, conference rooms, kitchens, lobby areas and more.

Exterior Lighting

Improve visibility and safety outside your building by installing LEDs in parking areas.

Controls and Schedules for Lighting and HVAC

Optimize the schedules for lighting and temperature control according to occupancy in your office.

Advanced Power Strips

IT equipment can use a significant amount of electricity even when it’s turned off. Use power management tools, such as advanced power strips, to eliminate energy consumption by automatically turning power off when IT equipment is not being used.

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Typically, lighting comprises 30% of a commercial office building’s electric bill, and installing LEDs can save up to 90% of that total. A building that spends $30,000 on energy can save $8,100 annually—enough to buy more than 25 new laptops.

Building on your progress, you can increase your energy savings with more advanced energy efficiency upgrades. Take advantage of financial incentives from PECO to make improvements like these:

Variable-Speed Drives (VSDs)

Manage fluctuations in energy demand by using VSDs on HVAC air handlers and pumps to maintain comfortable heating and cooling levels all around the office.

Lighting Occupancy Sensors

Save even more on lighting costs by installing sensors that dim LEDs when no one is around.

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Optimizing motor control systems with VSDs can reduce energy consumption in your office by as much as 70%. That means the cost to run a 100-horsepower pump for one year can drop from more than $40,000 to just over $12,000—enough to outfit six conference rooms with LCD projectors.

At this stage, you’re creating a blueprint for maximum energy efficiency. Couple the improvements you made as a Savings Leader with the best financial incentives from PECO, and consider these possibilities:

High-Efficiency HVAC Rooftop Units and Chillers

Upgrade your chillers and rooftop units to deliver the maximum value to your bottom line, because heating, cooling and ventilation costs make up to 40% of a typical office building’s use.

Regenerative Drives for Elevator Systems

Capture byproduct heat generated by elevators during use and convert it to energy.

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Retrocommissioning can reduce an office’s annual energy costs by up to $.075 per square foot. A 50,000-square-foot building can save $37,500, enough to cover 50% of the cost of a new HVAC system.

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  • Small and Medium Office Buildings

    Discover how to invest in cost-effective energy efficiency upgrades that reduce utility costs, improve net operating incomes, and enhance occupant comfort, productivity, and safety.

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Save More

Customers can take advantage of new opportunities to make energy efficiency projects more successful with the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA). For more information please visit the Clean Energy Infrastructure Program and Funding Announcements | Department of Energy.