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Properties are reducing costs and adding value by making energy-saving upgrades with PECO.

Properties are reducing costs and adding value by making energy-saving upgrades with PECO.

Owners of both income and owner-occupied properties are adding value to their buildings through energy efficiency upgrades. As tenants and buyers increasingly prefer energy efficient spaces, and as energy usage disclosure requirements become more common, investing in energy efficiency is a smart move. Our energy-saving solutions and financial incentives for upgrades make it easy and more affordable to achieve benefits that can include:

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    Simple, low-cost upgrades can lower your operating and maintenance costs year-over-year.

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    Property Value

    Energy efficiency upgrades can potentially increase property appraisal values, resulting in rental or sale income.

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    Tenant Satisfaction

    Improve the aesthetics and comfort of your spaces and improve tenant retention.

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    Efficient upgrades, like lighting, can drive safety and security inside and outside your property.

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    System Reliability

    Mitigate risk and tenant complaints by avoiding unexpected building maintenance issues.

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    Enhance your reputation as a committed environmental and sustainability leader and attract like-minded tenants.

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PECO's Energy Saving Process

Your journey to increased energy efficiency starts here. As you progress through these tiers, you’ll discover even more ways to build a healthy bottom line while streamlining your operations.

Basic energy efficiency projects can make a big difference for property owners. PECO can provide a complimentary energy report to show you how to upgrade your equipment and build a healthier bottom line. Then, choose from instant lighting discount s and financial incentive s for:

Energy Benchmarking

A complete energy management approach starts with determining a property’s energy-saving potential through a baseline inventory and facilities audit. The PECO Building Analytics Tool offers an automated system to transfer utility data into ENERGY STAR’s® Portfolio Manager.

Interior Lighting

Upgrade lighting in your building with high-efficiency lights (such as LEDs) to save energy and money.

Exterior Lighting

Improve visibility and safety outside your building(s) by installing LEDs in parking areas.

Lighting & HVAC Controls & Schedules

Use occupancy sensors, dimmers, photosensors, and programmable thermostats to adjust lighting and temperatures automatically in common areas.

Building on your progress, you can increase your energy savings with more advanced energy efficiency upgrades. Take advantage of financial incentive s and instant lighting discount s from PECO to make improvements like these:

Lighting Occupancy Sensors

Save even more on lighting costs by installing sensors that dim LEDs when no one is around and save 15%-30% on lighting costs.

HVAC System Upgrades

Heating and cooling are often the largest expenses in commercial properties. Upgrading to newer, more energy-efficient systems can reduce energy costs and improve tenant comfort with better climate and temperature control.

At this stage, you’re creating a blueprint for maximum energy efficiency. Couple the improvements you made as a Savings Leader with the best financial incentive s from PECO, and consider these possibilities:


In existing buildings, the process of retrocommissioning is one of the most cost-effective methods to reduce energy use. The retrocommissioning process identifies how building operation compares to initial building design and recommends equipment adjustments to improve occupant comfort and to maximize energy savings.

Rooftop HVAC Equipment

Replace older units with variable-speed, economizer-enabled high-efficiency units to improve indoor air quality, control temperatures and humidity, minimize noise, save space, and simplify HVAC repairs.


Enable focused management and continuous improvements by installing energy submeters and a reporting system for your building(s).

Refrigerators and Freezers

Maintain optimal cold storage with energy-efficient equipment in building kitchens and lounges.

Regenerative Drives for Elevator Systems

Capture byproduct heat generated by elevators during use and convert it to energy.

Technology Profiles

  • Advanced Lighting

    Read more on the benefits of upgrading to LEDS and advanced lighting controls.

    Hallway with advanced lighting
  • Combined Heat & Power (CHP)

    Discover a highly efficient solution for improving operations in energy-intensive facilities requiring electricity and heat energy.

    Combined Heat & Power equipment
  • Energy Management Systems

    Read more on the benefits of energy management systems for K-12 schools, colleges, and universities.

    Busy escalator
  • Food Service Equipment

    Read more on the benefits of upgrading to ENERGY STAR® certified food service equipment.

    Food Service Equipment
  • New Construction Customer

    Learn more about typical energy efficiency opportunities in new construction projects.

    2 construction workers collaborating
  • Retrocommissioning (RCx)

    Learn about the RCx process for optimizing a building's equipment and systems to perform as designed, operate efficiently, and meet the building occupant's operating needs.

    Drafting table with tools
  • Variable-Frequency Drives

    Read more on the benefits of installing variable-frequency drives on fans and pumps.

    Server rack of drives

Fact Sheets

  • Financial Resources

    Learn more about financial incentives available for energy-saving upgrades for your business.

    Person writing on clipboard
  • Property Management

    Learn more about energy efficiency opportunities for property management.

    Manufacturing worker
  • Small and Medium Office Buildings

    Discover how to invest in cost-effective energy efficiency upgrades that reduce utility costs, improve net operating incomes, and enhance occupant comfort, productivity, and safety.

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Save More

Customers can take advantage of new opportunities to make energy efficiency projects more successful with the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA). For more information please visit the Clean Energy Infrastructure Program and Funding Announcements | Department of Energy .