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Retail stores of all types and sizes are saving money by improving their energy efficiency with PECO.

Retail stores of all types and sizes are saving money by improving their energy efficiency with PECO.

No matter what kind of retail business you run, investing in energy-saving upgrades can make a difference, from year-over-year savings to better product displays. Our energy efficiency solutions and financial incentives make it easy and more affordable to achieve benefits that can include:


Reduce energy costs, freeing up capital for investments important to your business.


Simple upgrades can increase the productivity and comfort of your employees and customers.


Efficient upgrades, like lighting, can drive safety and security inside and outside your store.

Product Displays

Create inviting, welcoming spaces and better display your products with enhanced lighting.


Attract and recruit employees and customers seeking sustainability-minded businesses.


Enhance your brand reputation as a committed environmental and sustainability leader.

Don’t miss out on financial incentives.

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PECO's Energy Saving Process

Your journey to increased energy efficiency starts here. As you progress through these tiers, you’ll discover even more ways to build a healthy bottom line while streamlining your operations.

Tier 1

Savings Starter

Basic energy efficiency projects can make a big difference for retail businesses. PECO can provide a complimentary energy report to show you how to upgrade your equipment and build a healthier bottom line. Then, choose from instant lighting discounts and financial incentives for:

Interior Lighting

Create a comfortable shopping experience and display your products in an appealing way with high-efficiency, LED lighting.

Exterior Lighting

Attract customers, lower costs and keep your employees, customers and store safe with LEDs in flood lights, wallpack lights, parking lot lights, canopy lights and downlights.

Lighting & HVAC Controls & Schedules

Use occupancy sensors, dimmers, photosensors and programmable thermostats to adjust lighting and temperatures automatically in your store.

Advanced Power Strips

IT equipment can use a significant amount of electricity—even when it’s turned off. Use power management tools, such as advanced power strips, to eliminate energy consumption by automatically turning power off when IT equipment is not being used.

Tier 2

Savings Leader

Building on your progress, you can increase your energy savings with more advanced energy efficiency upgrades. Take advantage of financial incentives and instant lighting discounts from PECO to make improvements like these:

Lighting Occupancy Sensors

Save even more on lighting costs by installing sensors that dim your LEDs when no one is around.

Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning (HVAC) System Upgrades

Improve store comfort, indoor temperature control and overall air quality with upgrades to your HVAC equipment, like high-efficiency air ventilation systems.

Refrigerators and Freezers

Optimize cold storage for perishable or temperature-sensitive products, such as food, by installing high-efficiency equipment.

Tier 3

Savings Champion

At this stage, you’re creating a blueprint for maximum energy efficiency. Couple the improvements you made as a Savings Leader with the best financial incentives from PECO, and consider these possibilities:

Rooftop HVAC Units

Replace older units with variable-speed, economizer-enabled high-efficiency units to improve indoor air quality, control temperatures and humidity, minimize noise, save space and simplify HVAC repairs.

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Energy Management Systems

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Food Service Equipment

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Fact Sheets

Financial Resources

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