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Small businesses of all types are finding ways to save big by reducing their energy use with help from PECO.

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Small businesses of all types are finding ways to save big by reducing their energy use with help from PECO.

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Our energy efficiency solutions and financial incentives help small businesses save money and gain a competitive advantage. Making energy-saving upgrades to your business can bring many benefits including:

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    Energy efficiency upgrades can increase the comfort and productivity of your students and staff.

  • Safety Shield


    Efficient upgrades, like lighting, can drive safety and security across your school and campus.

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    Simple, low-cost upgrades can lower your operating and maintenance costs year-over-year.

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    Learning Outcomes

    Improvements to facility environments may improve student learning outcomes.

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    Attract and recruit top-notch students and staff seeking an education or career with sustainability-minded schools.

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    Enhance your brand reputation as a committed environmental and sustainability leader.

PECO can help you reduce operating costs, freshen up the look of your space and products and make your upgrade projects hassle-free and affordable. We offer:

Energy Analysis
Free on-site analysis of your business, with a custom report detailing the estimated energy savings of potential upgrades.

Direct Install
Installation of energy-saving items.

Savings off the cost of energy efficiency upgrades, including interior and exterior lighting, refrigeration and hot water measures.

Maintenance Time
Reduce maintenance time and costs by extending the lifespan of your equipment.

Lower Energy Costs
Savings continue over the lifetimes of the installed equipment and measures.

Instant Discounts

Learn more about PECO Instant Discounts for Business Customers

Get instant discounts on energy-efficient products and technology that will save your business energy and money—no application required!

Instant Discounts

Case Studies

See how other small businesses are working with PECO Small Business Solutions.

Case Study

Lighting Up an Iconic Philadelphia Community Tennis Center

New LED lighting helped the Legacy Youth Tennis Center improve its courts for players and save energy—and incentives helped save over $50,000 in upfront costs.

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Case Study

A Local Deli Shows Itself in a New Light

Thanks to increased energy savings and major incentives, an LED lighting upgrade at Stein’s Deli paid for itself in four months.

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Local Beauty Supply Store

How a Local Beauty Supply Store Used PECO Incentives to Get LED Lighting Upgrades Covered

A no-cost, no-risk energy analysis led to $3,000 in annual energy cost savings — plus upgrades fully covered by PECO incentives.

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PECO Small Business Solutions with the African American Chamber of Commerce

Take it from Regina A. Hairston, CEO of the African American Chamber of Commerce of PA, NJ and DE. Through our Small Business Solutions, we are committed to helping black-owned businesses throughout Philadelphia thrive, saving them energy, money and time to focus on what really matters: helping their business - and their dreams - succeed now and in the future

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PECO Can Help Your Small Business Save Money and Energy

We know that small businesses are the driving force behind creating change in our local communities. They empower residents from all walks of life and propel neighborhoods forward toward an equitable reality, one in which opportunities are both attainable and limitless.

PECO is committed to saving small business owners energy and money, so that they can focus on continuing to make dreams come true.

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PECO Small Business Solutions for Chinatown

Small businesses in Chinatown can save energy and money with PECO. We commit to serving our communities by offering energy-saving solutions to all eligible small businesses. With PECO Small Business Solutions, you can not only save energy but also improve your bottom line, allowing you to focus on the success of your business.

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